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Let's say I was accosted while walking down the mean streets of Fruit Heights, Utah.  And let's say at knifepoint my mugger insisted I tell him (or her) my three favorite songs of all time.  Here would be my answers.  

(And if my mugger took exception to two of the three songs coming within the past five years (one from the past year), at risk of my life, I would have to tell her (or him) to eat it.  I'm not a walking Billboard chart.  I don't know how many weeks Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" was my favorite song of all time, and I don't remember what supplanted it.  What I do know is that no self-respecting mugger would take issue with me saying that when the Porsche 997 came out in '05 it supplanted the classic Porsche 911 as my favorite car of all time, or if I said I prefer HDtv to a 1950's black and white screen.  Just because something's newer doesn't mean it's not as awesome or even awesomer.)

1a.  U2* - "Bad" (Wide Awake in America version)**

1b.  Interpol - "Not Even Jail"***

1c.  The National - "Apartment Story"****

* "Running to Stand Still" is another U2 song on my favorite songs of all time list.

** Curiously, the studio version of "Bad" off The Unforgettable Fire would not be considered one of my favorite songs of all time, but the Live Aid "Ruby Tuesday" version of "Bad" would.  

*** A number of Interpol songs have taken turns being my favorite Interpol song, or even favorite song of the moment.  But, while "Not Even Jail" has graduated to "Favorite Song of All Time" status (and "Pace is the Trick" is surely not far behind), in my book, it's quite possible to have transient favorite songs of the moment that you currently like more than your favorite songs of all time.  I don't think there's an Interpol song I like better than "Not Even Jail" right now, but if I had to choose my favorite U2 song of the moment, it would probably be "Until the End of the World."

**** Even as simple as it is, I just love this video.  I love when the red-shoed mystery girl starts swishing her skirt to the music.  She totally - and romantically - breaks the tension I didn't realize I was feeling.  It's a subtle climax, but I find it incredibly satisfying. 


Gunderstruck! said...

I am glad that you are equal opportunity when it comes to muggers. It definitely could be a him or a her. You just never know.

Ronifer269 said...

Ham? I had no idea that you had set up shop in the blogosphere. Welcome.